With Doconut it is very easy to view excel documents online in asp.net mvc. You can view Microsoft xls, xlsx or openoffice spreadsheets online from your document management or any other C# or vb.net based project. However it does not support very large worksheets, hence it splits the sheets into A4 pages to increase rendering speed.

As you all know Excel is not a paged document format like Adobe acrobat PDF. Hence the rendering excel files online in browser is a bit tricky. Doconut handles almost all types of excel files, even with formulas and custom colors etc. It is now easy to embed a Google like document viewer in your asp.net systems at an affordable cost.

Doconut includes all office file formats along with the online excel viewer. It supports Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Tif and many more useful file formats for viewing. You will not need to install a single piece of software on server or on client side. No need for Microsoft office automation library or any activeX or plugin to install.

It works out of the box. The licensing for online excel viewer is very simple. It comes in Professional, Enterprise and Distribution license types. You can choose the one which suits your needs the best. Along with this our online excel viewer also comes with Annotation and Search plugins, that allow you to decorate, comment or search within the excel file.

Give our online excel viewer a try today! there is a free local trial available for download from Doconut website. We are confident that you will surely love our online excel document viewer for asp.net. There are lots of online excel viewer demo samples available on website too.